Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

My favourite place is this place we call home – Planet Earth. But I do fear for it’s future. On the radio news this morning they were talking of:

And that is just one day of headlines – what are we doing??!!!


The way our oceans should be – crystal clear.




I’d Rather Be…

………at the beach. Imagine; a sunny summer’s day, the sand so warm your feet feel they are being massaged as you walk along; a gentle breeze coming from the sea. There are butterflies fluttering and bees buzzing in the wild flowers of the dunes; you are waiting to digest your lunch before you sample the water, which you know will be cool but refreshing.

Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

Sweet – Weekly photo challenge

We always bake homemade birthday cakes in our house. They may not always look as perfect as those you find in recipe books, let alone the ones you can buy in the shops.

They are nearly always chocolate of some description. They are always sweet, but not too sweet. And most of all, they are made with love!

Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

I am lucky to live in rural Ireland. Our little road tends to have more tractor traffic than cars. The farms are small, and nearly all the farmers have other jobs, and if they don’t, their wives work.

Nature is never far away. Birds, wildflowers, insects, and hedgerows.

It is a place where you don’t have to rush around, but you can take your time and enjoy what is around you.


Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Variations – Weekly photo challenge

Peacock butterflies are one of the most colourful of our Irish butterflies. On a cold January, the thought of their summer wings, brightens the day.

Inspired by this week’s photo challenge – variations on a theme


Weathered – Weekly Photo Challenge

The weathered slates on the wall of an old Tower House on Clare Island. The Tower house was once the home of Grace O’Malley (also known as Granuaile), an infamous pirate queen in 16th Century Ireland.

The slates are actually a late edition to the tower, and are thought to have been added to the bartizans (the over-hanging turrets) when the tower house was converted into a police barracks in the mid 1820s.

Tower House Clare Island

Tower House Clare Island