Today’s task on blogging 101 is to write for my dream reader (well actually this was last week’s task, for which I am running late). Well my dream reader must be you! Because anyone who has taken the time to to drop by is more than welcome. In Irish we say – Céad Míle Fáilte – it means a hundred thousand welcomes. From the age of 5, till I left school at 18, I was taught Irish. I’m sorry to say that my grasp of the language is pitiful. It wasn’t till I lived in Scotland for a while, and met people who had a true love of their native Scots Gaelic that I realized what I’d missed out on. My son is learning it at school now and he comes home with words that I recognize from all those years ago. I wrote a poem once using some Irish phrases on ‘rain’ – but I admit that the internet was a great help for the only one I could remember was Ag cur báisti.


The Irish on rain

Inuits have numerous names for snow.

40 to 500 depending who you read,

though 500 is now reliably a hoax

or so someone says.


The Irish have numerous names for rain;

Ag cur báisti,

rain waters my garden,

clagairt, tuile,

fails to keep the chickens inside,


sprinkles morning cobwebs with diamond dust,

scrabhanna básiti,

refreshes the pond,

clears the dust from the front step,


fills the puddles

so the blackbird can have his bath



  1. We say “Céad Míle Fáilte” here on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. By “we” I mean, the collective we. I don’t often use the phrase, but it is the only Gaelic I know. 🙂


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