Introduce self to Blogging 101

I am a bit behind in my tasks on my blogging 101 course – the first task from last week was to introduce oneself. I am a mother of two young children (nearly seven and three and a half); I am a gardener (not professionally just something I love to do); I work part-time in a job that is badly paid but I work with amazing volunteers; I am an ecologist but these day this doesn’t pay me much, it just means I have another excuse for observing nature; and finally, I like to think myself as a writer.

Writing is something I have dabbled with since childhood. I never quite know where I fit. I have tried poetry, children’s fiction and adult fiction and non-fiction (check out my other  blog at where I wear my ecologist and gardener hat). Through my Murtagh’s Meadow blog I have become somewhat addicted to blogging. It lets me share my love of nature while at the same time allowing me to write and share my photographs.

In deciding to do the blogging 101 course, I thought it may be a way of exploring my writing more. It is a journey, or perhaps more an adventure, for I know not where it will lead.




    1. Glad I am not the only one – dream blogger to follow later today! Admittedly it took a bit of courage to hit that ‘publish’ button – though I am a regular blogger on my other site!


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