Happy St Patrick’s Day

There are more than 100 million people around the world

who claim to have Irish ancestry.

St Patrick’s Day

should be about Saint Patrick and


the green, white and gold,

the harp and Irish music,
our beautiful green land.


But it gets hijacked by

leprechauns, pots of gold at the end of rainbows, strange green hats.

Everything and anything being turned green,

from the London Eye to the Colosseum in Rome,

the opera house in Sydney;

rivers will turn green and glasses of beer.


In Ireland, we’ll be freezing our pixie leprechaun ears off

as we stand and watch or march

down the streets of our towns and cities to the sounds of tin whistles, drums and

bag pipes;

to the tunes of Danny Boy and The Fields of Athenry,

in the mad March weather.

There will be colour (albeit mostly green white and orange),

and laughter and music.

On the down side there will be too much boozing,

and the following morning sore heads.


100 million people around the world,

that’s a lot of people,

a lot of people that could have a lot of influence,

on making the world a truly greener place

if we put our minds to it.



  1. Yes. Yes. There is one thing I hated this morning.
    I get up to drink coffee.
    And play some TF2.
    I start talking on mic.
    Someone mistakes me for british.
    I say to not do that. And that I am mostly Irish.
    And then I get killed by a shotgun that shot clovers.


      1. It is a first person cartoon styled shooter.
        It would be so Ironic if it was 4 leaf.
        But it shot to fast and spread too far. I could just see a green thing come at me for a split second and almost made out a clover shape


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