Weekly photo challenge – Blur

Some of you who follow this blog will already know I love bees. Digital photography is a great tool in learning to identify the bees in your garden. And in the summer I can often be found running for my camera from the garden.

The bees feeding on these poppy flowers are honey bees (Apis mellifera), one of the easier bees to identify. Unfortunately, in Ireland as in many other countries, the wild honey bee is thought to be extinct and all that remain are those that live in hives provided by us humans or feral ones that have escaped from these hives.

Honey bee

Honey Bee

I was determined to get some good shots of the bees feeding and I did get some in focus, though unlike bumblebees the honey bee doesn’t hang around that long posing. There were some blurred shots that just appealed to me though so I kept those too – which was lucky as they fit perfectly into this weeks photo challenge (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/blur/).

Honey bee

Honey bee



  1. So, would ‘your’ bee come from a hive. I hadn’t realised that the wild honey bee was actually extinct in many countries – extremely sad. But, most certainly your pictures are delightful and your blurred honey bee shows that they never stop.

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  2. In the U.S., apparently, whole colonies of bees are disappearing, dying off from some pest or disease. It may be modern farming methods, too. Troubling. What would we do without those wonderful pollinators! Fun to try to get photos in nature. I”ll have to try my hand at getting photos of bees. Looks like I’ll need to practice a little patience. Liked the post!

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    1. The same is happening here in Europe and Ireland. Some of our bumblebees have become extinct. Lots of reasons – loss of wildflowers, increased pesticide use, modern farming. Do try to get photographs – it’s a great way to see these beautiful creatures in detail:)


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