Weekly photo challenge – afloat

Downpatrick Head, on the North West coast of Ireland, has some amazing sea cliffs including this sea stack. The day we visited earlier this week was misty, but it didn’t stop me taking photos. On this one, the stack looks like it is floating on the sea.

Dún Briste

Dún Briste

The sea stack is know as Dún Briste, meaning the Broken Fort. The stack is 63 x 23 metres across and 45 metres high. It broke off the mainland in 1393.

According to legend, a pagan chieftain, named Crom Dubh lived on the land. Saint Patrick (Ireland’s Patron Saint) tried to persuade Crom Dubh to convert to Christianity, but he refused. The refusal angered St Patrick and he hit the ground with his crozier. And the stack became separated from the mainland and Crom Dubh was left to die.

Researchers helicoptered onto the stack in the 1980’s did find the remains of stone buildings on the stack!

Downpatrick head

Downpatrick Head

This post was inspired by the weekly photo challenge https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/afloat/




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