Those small annoying things…….

Inspired by yesterday’s dailypost and the idea of reinventing the list, I started thinking about list and what kind of list I would write and somehow I started on a list of those small things that annoy me:

1. That the notebook I want is always at the bottom of the pile on my desk and that inevitably the pile crashes to the floor when I try and remove that said notebook

2. The fact that this pile exists on my desk in the first place, along with all the other general detritus that I manage to clear away once in a blue moon and that always, always finds its way back no matter how hard I try to keep the place in some sort of order

3. The fact that it is not only my desk but the whole house that falls victim to this clutter, mess and general chaos. That no matter now many storage boxes I acquire the place is in a perpetual state of mayhem, except for the tiny exception of a Saturday morning here and there when I try to get on top of things

4. There are other things that annoy me too, like those grey hairs which for now I can still get away with pulling out but will at some point need to find another remedy for that doesn’t look like a balding head

5. Slugs – that eat the vegetables in the garden

6. People who drop litter, why or why can’t they bring it home with them?

7. Politicians and their inability to see beyond the next election

I could go on but seven seems like a good place to stop.





  1. Oh, yes – oh, yes. All those things and more. Even now (and it’s not the grandchildren) the house is never sorted. Outside the 4 walls, one of the many list contenders is people’s unwillingness to keep to their half of the pavement – I’m only asking for my half.. Brilliant observations and quite therapeutic to list them.

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    1. I know I too blame the children but it is not just their fault! Maybe we need a white line down pavements:)


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