Sweet Thing

Eleven days ago a new born baby girl was found abandoned in a field in Dublin. As I write they have not found her parents. Thankfully the little girl is doing well, but every time her story comes on the news my heart goes out to her. Today they released her photo in the hope her parents would be found.

The baby was found on 8 May in Rathcoole

This poem is for her.



They found you in a field

wrapped in nothing but

a snug, brown blanket

and shopping bag.

Your cry brought a passer-by.

But what if you had been asleep?

What if the wind had carried your cry

far away?

Who would have found you then

Sweet Thing?


Where is your mum?

Where is your dad?

What disaster struck them

to abandon you

without thought or care?

For there are a thousand mothers who would

keep you safe and warm.


Or did someone steal you

from the arms of the one you loved



It is not fair to judge.


But someday you will

want your mother;

And someday she will

want you.


Fate has saved you,

or some god or immortal being.

May it give you

a life full of treasurers,

a life full of dreams and hope,

for you deserve it all

Sweet Thing.





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