Close Up

This week’s photo challenge is “Close-up”. I like taking photos of insects and flowers, so the first photo ticks both boxes. I love the way this solitary bee (possibly a Megachile species) is totally totally covered in pollen. It is of course exactly what the flower wants, as the bee, when it moves off to a new flower, will bring the pollen with it.

Solitary bee on thistle flower

Solitary bee on thistle flower

The butterfly in the photo below is called a green-veined white because the underside of its wings (which you can’t see) are greeny-white and have a distinct vein pattern.

Green veined white

Green veined white




  1. Now, there’s a close-up. Fancy being able to see the pollen on the bee. Ignorant question but are solitary bees a particular species? I get confused as I know that about 85 – 90% of bees live on their own.

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    1. Here in Ireland we have over 70 solitary bee species – so everything from leafcutter bees, to mason bees to mining bees all fall under the solitary bee category


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