(Re)Connect with Pollinators

This week’s photo challenge is “connected”. And it reminds me of the world’s amazing ecosystem, a vast web of links, joining us altogether.

As humans we are dependent on pollinators for many of our food sources. This tiny bumblebee, which will live less than one year, will pollinate hundreds of plants.



Around the world pollinators, including wild bees, honeybees and other insects, will pollinate coffee, spices, cotton, and hundreds of variety of fruit and vegetables.

And yet hundreds of species are under threat. In Ireland alone nearly half of our bee species have suffered population declines and 30% are threatened with extinction.

By simply leaving some wild spaces in your garden and planting some bee friendly plants you can do you bit to re-connect with these fascination and beautiful creatures. More information about what you can do can be found at http://www.biodiversityireland.ie/projects/irish-pollinator-initiative/bees/how-can-you-help/


  1. Really welcome. I’ve been working out what to plant for next spring onwards and your recommended website has other effective ideas as well. I know that the honey/water mix is not ideal for bees but I’ve rescued a few, even at the week-end, in this way. Parks should indeed, be leading the way. Thank you indeed for this.

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