Always have the key

Everyone was outside, making the most of a late summer evening that was dry and not blowing a gale. The kids were playing on their bikes. Mum and Dad were painting the garden gate, a rich shade of chocolate brown. Before anyone knew it, it was bedtime.


Four year old Belle did not want to go to bed.

“I’m not going to bed, it’s too early. I’m having too much fun!” She stamped her foot on the ground.

There was no reasoning with her. She ran back to the house in a huff. As Mum followed after her Belle banged the front door closed. Looking out the glass window of the door she looked at her mother approach and then locked the door. So there they were – Belle on the inside; her Mum, Dad and brother on the outside!

“Let us in Belle.”

There was pleading, threats to remove treats, gentle coaxing. Everyone tried. But no amount of persuading would get Belle to change her mind. All downstairs doors and windows were checked but everything was sealed and there was no way of getting in.

Belle, ignoring all pleas from outside, went upstairs and refused to come back down. There was no point shouting – she couldn’t hear, or at the very least would not listen. Mum and Dad pretended to walk away down the road, sneaking back along the garden fence; they tried ringing the house phone. But nothing would bring Belle back downstairs.

Eventually after half an hour Belle appeared at the front door again. Through the window they could see her tear stained face. She unlocked the door. Everyone let out a sigh of relief. She was contrite. She knew she had done wrong. She promised not to do it again!

That night, when the kids were safely tucked in bed,  her parents laughed at her cheek, even though they had been a bit scared at the time. It would be one of those family stories that would be told again and again – “do you remember the time Belle locked us out of the……”


(Inspired by a true incident and the Daily Prompt – retrospectively funny)



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