Boundaries (WPC)

There is a beautiful beach at the end of a long, narrow, winding road on the west coast of Mayo. Access to the southern part of the beach has been closed off by a farmer. He has decided to create his own boundary. It is not legal to fence off the foreshore here in Ireland, but the farmer has put up a horrible fence including two strands of barbed wire to prevent people accessing the beach. When I saw it this summer I was dismayed. I feel I should do something about it but not sure where to start. This wonderful wilderness belongs to all and should not be closed off to us.

You can catch glimpses of the coast beyond the fence. As a child I remember walking and exploring here with my family. There are miles of golden sand and I have distinct memories of collecting beautiful sea shells and watching guillemots in the clear Atlantic water.

Thankfully the northern part of the beach is still accessible, but it saddens me that one person can prevent others from enjoying what should be free to all. Having grown up on a farm I can understand farmers concerns for their livestock. But this is a beach not a field. The shore crabs and sand-hoppers that may wander across the beach are not the farmers livestock to be kept within fences; nor should the human explores be kept out.

Northern end of beach

I was inspired to write about this by this week’s photo challenge – boundaries




    1. It’s a difficult one isn’t it? People like their privacy too, and I can understand that. There has to be a balance.


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