This week’s photo challenge is “Careful”. You may think I should be careful having this bumblebee on my hand. But this little bee is a male bumblebee (you can tell by the yellow hairs on his face) and so it has no sting! But we do need to be careful about our bees. Worldwide bees are suffering declines in numbers, some bees are facing extinction and some have become extinct. We can do much just by providing flowers in our gardens throughout the growing season and leaving some wilder areas with long grass that will be suitable nesting sites for them. To find out what you can do for bees check out the Irish Pollinator initiate and All Ireland Pollinator Plan.








  1. What wonderful detail – beautiful hooks on feet – and so inspiring. Followed your link & viewed the UK Bee friendly site, completed garden survey & now have 10 recommendations for plants & to get a solitary bee nesting box. Splendid – and thank you.

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