Weekly Photo Challenge – Victory

When I saw this week’s photo challenge the first thing I thought of was this week’s remembrance day (11th November) and the photo I already posted of a poppy.

But then victories can sometimes be smaller too. Like our local village, trying to get a reduced speed limit through the village. The village is barely by-passed by a major road and there are busy junctions including one leading to the local school. The speed limit on the road is currently 100km / hour and the residents of the village started a campaign to get it reduced to 60km/hour. My kids got busy making banners for a protest that was held in August. I was really proud of the effort they put into their drawings and even more so when a local photographer included a photo of them and their banners in the local paper!

The great thing is that this week we’ve heard that the campaign has been successful, though we will have to wait a few months for the changes to come into play.


For more victories check out https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/victory/



    1. Thank you – I’m not sure I’d bring them on a big national protest – but something local like this, which was close to our hearts (we cycle to school when we can) seems appropriate.

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  1. What wonderful news – I’m so pleased for you all & everyone in the village. Just shows what can be done & the pictures say more than we adults can sometimes. Really heartening.

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