Weekly photo challenge – Oops

I have more blurred shots in my collection that I would ever admit too! Then there is the problem of wildlife just moving too fast and disappearing from view, or just getting the timing totally messed up.

And then occasionally you mess up and still get something you weren’t expecting, and it makes it all worth while. All I can say is that goodness for digital cameras where I can make plenty of mistakes and not go bankrupt as I may have done in the age of prints and slides (do you remember those days?).

Butterfly and hoverfly

Butterfly and hoverfly

Check out this week’s weekly photo challenge to see more “oops” photos


  1. I love being able to get rid of photos that don’t turn out, as well as see all my photos without having to pay to have them developed. Since I take so many, our budget appreciates it, too. But with this challenge, one never knows which ones to get rid of. They might be perfect for next week’s challenge


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  2. Yes, you can never predict wildlife but all your pictures tell a story. I love the hoverfly entering the scene but I also love the robin ‘hiding’ away like that – clever boy.

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