Post Christmas earworms

The kids have been playing with some remote control cars their godmothers gave them for Christmas. These are not ordinary remote control cars – these are souped-up things with bigs wheels and flashing lights.

My daughter’s one is a Cinderella carriage (for what of a better description) with built in disco lights, a mind of its own (it does wheelies and acrobats) and an earworm that I have only just discovered is a techno version of the Beverly Hill Cops theme song! I thought it sounded familiar! I hear it in the morning before I get out of bed, I hear it while I am having breakfast and in the afternoon as I start to make dinner (all in my head), and just as it is leaving me the kids start playing it again and then I hear it as I wait for the sandman to come. In fact, as I am writing this it is going around my head!!!!

Posted in response to today’s “Daily Prompt – Earworm”


  1. Children don’t seem as susceptible as adults. I’m sure it goes out of their minds once it’s finished whereas we are stuck in the loop. Hope its internal playing gets more and more diluted!

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