Season – Weekly photo challenge

Here in Ireland, this winter has been so grey and sunless that at times it got depressing! Of course you’d expect the west of Ireland to be wet, that is one of the things we are famous for, but this time it has been exceptionally wet and grey. In fact, the whole of 2015 lacked sun and Met Eireann, our national met office reported that:

Annual sunshine totals were lowest at Knock Airport [Co. Mayo] where the dullest year since the station opened 19 years ago was reported with an annual total of 980.9 hours (daily mean of 2.7 hrs/day, 82% of LTA*).” (*LTA=Longterm average)
As way of comparison Dublin reported an annual total of 1547.9 hr (daily mean 4.2 hrs/day, 107% of LTA), so you can see why those of us in the west may be lacking our vitamin D.
Taking photographs on dull wet days can be hard, but I try.


The thing is, when the sun does shine – even in winter, the countryside can be pretty amazing.

I choose winter as my season for this week’s weekly photo challenge.



Comments welcome

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