State of Mind – Weekly photo challenge

I read once that if you try and cook a meal in a bad mood, the result will be a disaster. And I have to agree, that some meals I have served up when I have been in a bad mood end up being far from perfect.

If I am in a bad mood when I go out with my camera – my state of mind quickly shifts. I am not sure if it is just the physical act of being outside in the fresh air, or whether it is that I behave differently when I have a camera around my neck. In truth it is probably a combination of both. Taking photos takes my mind away from whatever is bothering me. I have to be in the here and now if I have my camera with me. I look at things differently, take in the detail that a mind full of “chatter” would have to ignore.


Clew Bay, Co Mayo


So for me leaving the house with my camera brings about a positive state of mind.

This week’s photo challenge is State of Mind





  1. How true. I always think that travel does the same in a way. One is ‘done to’ by extraneous stimuli and taken out of oneself. Here’s to the focus (literally) of photography.

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