She told them it was an oversight.  Yes, they had filled out the right form and given the correct deposit, but no, there was no room for them because someone had forgotten to give them the second form. Without the second form she could not issue them with a key for the room. No, it was not just a matter of them filling in the form now. The form needed to be checked and signed off by one of the supervisors. No, all the supervisors finished early on a Friday and they would not be back till Monday morning. Yes, she understood that they had nowhere to stay, and yes, she was very sorry but really there was nothing she could do. Yes, she knew it was snowing and minus ten outside. But really it wasn’t her problem.



      1. Homelessness is very much in the news here in Ireland, particularly for our larger cities. Listening to stories from people in this plight it is often the simplest thing that sets of a train of events that led them to this plight. I wish, as a society, we would do more to prevent this happening.


  1. Effective writing – cuts to the quick. Yours, I’m thinking? Makes me think of a documentary at the end of last year on the shortage of council properties: it showed a young couple being turned away from an office by a sympathetic but helpless Housing Officer. They had a new-born baby….

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