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Scale – Weekly photo challenge

Keem bay, Achill, Co Mayo

Keem bay, Achill, Co Mayo, Ireland

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This week’s photo challenge is structure.

Hoverfly on ragworth

Hoverfly on ragworth

I chose this photo for two reasons. Firstly, I like the detailed structure of the ragworth flowers, in particular the difference between those fully open and those just beginning to unfurl their petals. Secondly, I enjoy watching pollinators and the colours of this little hoverfly mean you really notice the structure of it’s abdomen.

Ooh, Shiny – Weekly photo challenge

Bees, butterflies, pretty flowers – stop me in my tracks every time. I could try a gallery of all, but decided to stick to some of our wonderful Irish butterflies.

Ireland has 32 resident and 3 common migrant butterfly species. Europe-wide many butterfly species have suffered declines in recent years (Report).

In Ireland, you can contribute all butterfly sightings to the Butterfly Atlas 2021 project being coordinated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

Inspired by this week’s Weekly photo challenge – Ooh shiny

Buff tailed bumblebee

Buff tailed bumblebees, Bombus terrestris, are one of the twenty species of bumblebee found in Ireland. They are very similar to white-tailed bumblebees, Bombus lucourum, in fact they are so similar that it is impossible to tell the workers apart. The Queens, who emerge in spring, are quite distinct though.

As the name suggests the buff tailed bumble has indeed a tail that is buff coloured (see photos above). While the white tailed bumbles (see photos below) have much whiter tails. On closer inspection, you may also notice the difference in the yellow banding. The yellow bands on the white tailed bee are more lemon yellow.

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