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Favourite – Weekly photo challenge

This is my favourite Irish mammal – the Irish Hare. This year we had one visit our garden. The photo was taken through my kitchen window so not the best photo!



Transformation – Weekly Photo Challenge

Nothing transforms a landscape quite like snow. Overnight a green and brown landscape can find itself morph into a soft blanket of white and blue. Even the sounds of the landscape change; the volume appears to be turned down.

These photos are from the winter of 2010. Snow like this is not common in the west of Ireland. Last winter we just had one light dusting, which is more usual. Still the weather forecasters are telling us we may get some falls this weekend.

Photo Challenge: Transformation


This week’s photo challenge is structure.

Hoverfly on ragworth

Hoverfly on ragworth

I chose this photo for two reasons. Firstly, I like the detailed structure of the ragworth flowers, in particular the difference between those fully open and those just beginning to unfurl their petals. Secondly, I enjoy watching pollinators and the colours of this little hoverfly mean you really notice the structure of it’s abdomen.

Ooh, Shiny – Weekly photo challenge

Bees, butterflies, pretty flowers – stop me in my tracks every time. I could try a gallery of all, but decided to stick to some of our wonderful Irish butterflies.

Ireland has 32 resident and 3 common migrant butterfly species. Europe-wide many butterfly species have suffered declines in recent years (Report).

In Ireland, you can contribute all butterfly sightings to the Butterfly Atlas 2021 project being coordinated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

Inspired by this week’s Weekly photo challenge – Ooh shiny