‘Where’s Sarah today?’

‘She’s gone to America?’


‘Yes, America.’

‘But she was only in London yesterday.’


‘Well America is a long way from London?’

‘She likes to travel.’

‘She must do. What else does she like?’

‘She likes playing.’

‘What does she like playing?’

‘She likes playing fairies.’

‘Who does she play with?’

‘Me of course.’

‘Does she have other friends.’

‘No, only me.’

Mother goes outside to hang the washing out on the line. When she comes back someone has taken out a packet of biscuit and there are crumbs and broken biscuits everywhere. Her daughter is playing innocently on the floor with her favourite dolls.

‘What happened here?’

‘It wasn’t me, it was Sarah.’

‘I thought Sarah was in America?’

‘She just came back.’


Inspired by an Imaginary childhood friend.


She told them it was an oversight.  Yes, they had filled out the right form and given the correct deposit, but no, there was no room for them because someone had forgotten to give them the second form. Without the second form she could not issue them with a key for the room. No, it was not just a matter of them filling in the form now. The form needed to be checked and signed off by one of the supervisors. No, all the supervisors finished early on a Friday and they would not be back till Monday morning. Yes, she understood that they had nowhere to stay, and yes, she was very sorry but really there was nothing she could do. Yes, she knew it was snowing and minus ten outside. But really it wasn’t her problem.



Someday I’ll wish upon a star.…….. The words from ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, a song I have loved since childhood. The Wizard of Oz is one of the few films I remember watching as a child, on an old black and white TV, that sometimes went fuzzy so you had to bang the side or top of the TV to get it going again. Do you remember those days?

Some days I wonder, if like Dorothy in the film, we will wake up where the clouds are far behind us?  It seems we live in trouble times. Both on a personal level and on a wider scale I find the world is a challenging place.

Like Dorothy though we must all follow our own yellow brick road. We do not know what challenges lie along that road and no doubt on the way we will make our own friends, just like Dorothy did; Scarecrow, Lion and Tin man; and maybe our own enemies (like the Wicked Witch of the West). Dorothy stuck with her friends though and together they did get to the Emerald City. And even though the Wizard was not what they had hoped for he did give them each a gift. We may find ourselves lacking in some traits (like the lion lacked courage) but by working together we can be strong and can reacch our goals.

Like Dorothy, many of us would like to find our own place were dreams really do come true. But perhaps like Dorothy we don’t need to look too far, and that at the end of the day there is really no place like home.




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The art of writing

I have handwritten notebooks going back years. Some with quotes, some with snatches of ideas, descriptions, or ideas for editing work. Here are just a couple of transcripts from them: –

Observation from an airport Dec 2002:

  • 20 stone plus, he sits with his headphones- bopping slightly. Dressed in black, his goaty beard is hardly worth the effort. On his knees, his bag, he hugs it like a baby.

Observation on a plan heading for Ireland

  • Sitting in front of me are a couple; he’s Irish, she may be English (but of African Origin). He turns to her and gently kisses her cheek, then with his hand gently traces her jawline. It is an intimate gesture I would not have expected from an Irish man!


I have in my possession a diary of an elderly relative of mine. Unfortunately the vast majority of her diaries were lost. I say unfortunately, because even though the entries are short (the diaries were those small pocket ones) each day tells it’s own story. I would love to take these snippets and create a story. In my mind, would be the original author; a small yet feisty lady (in her seventies when I really got to know her), full of sharp wit that she would use against anyone she felt deserved it (and usually they did!). I will transcribe a week from February 2009 when she was in her 86th and penultimate year:

Monday 2nd February

After a disturbed night with high winds & flurries of snow I got up at 7.20. Did not dare open front door to put dustbins out. V frosty but not much snow.

Tuesday 3rd February

Sun all day, no sign of snow. The council began bull-dozing the Parkes lovely hse & making a bonfire of the wood

Wednesday 4th February

Up at 7am for ??. Another sunny day but temps overnight were -3. No wind. Bonfire going all day. Shelia in Kirton died.

Thursday 5th February

A fowl AM at 7am. Rained overnight. Gloomy & misty all day. V quiet next door. She is at Papsworth hosp, late back

Friday 6th February

V cold overnight. Rained until 11am, then foggy & gloomy – no wind. Bonfire of all the wood in Parkes hse still burns.

Saturday 7th February

Even thou low temp the sun is really strong all day

Sunday 8th February

Mary’s anniv 2002

V cold but sunny all day. The “mart” mob on the doorstep until 4pm even thou it was getting frosty.




Oh there are so many unfinished pieces of writing drifting like ghosts around the computer hard drive. Unfinished stories, unfinished poems, unfinished novels. I will start with great gusto; allocate an hour or two each day and get lots done. Then like a steam train out of coal I begin to slow. Then work or something else gets on the track, blocks the way and that is it. I can find the unfinished piece months, maybe years later, wallowing in my creative writing folder, sitting there unloved, and unfinished!!




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The blast of a trumpet

Inspired by Erica’s post on Collecting Words and Sentences where she praises the virtues of collecting words and quotes into your own personal “bible”, I went searching my bookshelves for one such bible I kept many years ago. I found it. There are two dates in it – May 1992 and 2000, so I reckon it must be in and around twenty years old. It is not full but there are some great quotes in it. I am pretty sure I have another one that I started as a teen and it may still be in a box somewhere so I will keep my eyes open for it.

Reading through the quotes, poems and even at the back of the notebook, song lyrics, I realised that the sentiments expressed by the words then, still resonate with me today. Perhaps suggesting that my values and beliefs have not changed all that much over time. This is perhaps not so surprising. At the same time, in those twenty years, I have changed. For one I am now the mother to two young children.

In fact, the first quote in the notebook, which is from Robert Fulghum’s book “All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten”, seems even more relevant to me now being the mother of two kids.
kindergarten quote
How often have I said any of the above to my two kids?
The next poem by Joe Miller is about imagining the earth as being only a few feet in diameter and how it would be marveled. A google search showed me that the poem is available as a children’s book. The world has moved on since I wrote the words of the poem in my book and today you can listen to a youtube clip of it being read!
There are short quotes too like:
Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you’ve got.” Janis Joplin
What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” Emerson.
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller
So having “re-found” my “bible”, and as there is plenty of space for more words of wisdom, I will start writing down again those words of inspiration that are out there for us all.


Luxury item

Today the Daily prompt asks us to think about the one luxury item we wish we could afford. For me that would be more writing time. Imagine, three hours of uninterrupted writing time; no work emails to respond to, no reports to finish, and child-free time – just to write. Time to try out each days daily prompt; time to complete all those half finished manuscripts; time to do that final edit on that story; time to find that ideal publisher to submit that finally finished piece. Imagine and keep imagining because it is not going to happen! Bills got to be paid, kids got to be parented so you just got to make the most of what you’ve got!