Water – WPC

We saw this washed-up tyre on the coast a few weeks ago. It was creating it’s only liquid pool around it, as it became stranded by the retreating tide.

Washed up tyre on coast

Washed-up tyre on coast


I’d Rather Be…

………at the beach. Imagine; a sunny summer’s day, the sand so warm your feet feel they are being massaged as you walk along; a gentle breeze coming from the sea. There are butterflies fluttering and bees buzzing in the wild flowers of the dunes; you are waiting to digest your lunch before you sample the water, which you know will be cool but refreshing.

Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

Wanderlust – Weekly photo challenge

I am not a great distance traveller. For me I get as much wandering down a local beach as going to some foreign country. Don’t get me wrong, I love to explore new places and cultures, but I find the actual travelling stressful and like my home-comforts too much!

This is one of my favourite Mayo beaches.

Ross Beach, Co Mayo, Ireland

Ross Beach, Co Mayo, Ireland

Fun – weekly photo challenge

Well we’ve been having a lot of fun this summer building sandcastles. It hasn’t been a great summer but there have been enough warm days to venture to the seaside. We have many lovely beaches here on the west coast of Ireland. Here are some of our fun building projects.