‘Where’s Sarah today?’

‘She’s gone to America?’


‘Yes, America.’

‘But she was only in London yesterday.’


‘Well America is a long way from London?’

‘She likes to travel.’

‘She must do. What else does she like?’

‘She likes playing.’

‘What does she like playing?’

‘She likes playing fairies.’

‘Who does she play with?’

‘Me of course.’

‘Does she have other friends.’

‘No, only me.’

Mother goes outside to hang the washing out on the line. When she comes back someone has taken out a packet of biscuit and there are crumbs and broken biscuits everywhere. Her daughter is playing innocently on the floor with her favourite dolls.

‘What happened here?’

‘It wasn’t me, it was Sarah.’

‘I thought Sarah was in America?’

‘She just came back.’


Inspired by an Imaginary childhood friend.

Childhood and nature

There are things that I remember from childhood: mashed bananas sprinkled with sugar; my mother’s freshly baked rolls with butter melting and running down my fingers; and her mouth watering Danish pastries that she stopped baking because we liked them too much. Then there was wandering barefoot through fields recently cut for silage; building stone dams in the stream at the bottom of the road; hours at the coast on warm summer days, either fishing for crabs on the pier steps with bits of blue baling twine tied around the remains of a limpet or just rock pooling among the boulders.

Yesterday, I saw a lovely quote ( It made me think. It said –

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in. ― Rachel Carson

And I wonder am I succeeding in giving my kids some memories and keeping alive their sense of wonder? Will they remember things we have baked together, places they have played, experiences they have had?


I don’t want to bring the kids to Disney World. I don’t want to buy them computer games. I want them to see the world but through their own experience of the natural world. Am I old fashioned?