Wild Garlic

Going for a walk around the grounds of Turlough House and the Country Life Museum (County Mayo, Ireland), I saw all these wonderful wild garlic leaves. The flowers are yet to open, but I loved the pattern created by all the lines of leaves.

Wild garlic

Wild garlic

Weathered – Weekly Photo Challenge

The weathered slates on the wall of an old Tower House on Clare Island. The Tower house was once the home of Grace O’Malley (also known as Granuaile), an infamous pirate queen in 16th Century Ireland.

The slates are actually a late edition to the tower, and are thought to have been added to the bartizans (the over-hanging turrets) when the tower house was converted into a police barracks in the mid 1820s.

Tower House Clare Island

Tower House Clare Island

Transformation – Weekly Photo Challenge

Nothing transforms a landscape quite like snow. Overnight a green and brown landscape can find itself morph into a soft blanket of white and blue. Even the sounds of the landscape change; the volume appears to be turned down.

These photos are from the winter of 2010. Snow like this is not common in the west of Ireland. Last winter we just had one light dusting, which is more usual. Still the weather forecasters are telling us we may get some falls this weekend.

Photo Challenge: Transformation