Earth – Weekly photo challenge

Earth meets ocean.

West coast of Ireland

West coast of Ireland


Ocean View

Back at her grandmother’s house Mil stared out the window that looked out over the sea. The sun had set and the pale orange sky contrasted against the seemingly black ocean. She sometimes felt that she was adrift on a dark ocean. A boat without a home port, who long ago had lost her anchor. She felt that she was at mercy of the wind; that she would be forever pushed along by the ocean’s currents unable to stop. There were occasions where she found a sheltered cove, somewhere where she may be able to tie up for a short time. But sooner or later the next storm would blow up and it was safer to be out at sea than to risk being bashed against the rocks. For a short time her grandmother’s home had been this cove, but she could feel a storm brewing, it would soon be time to set sail again.


Inspired by today’s daily prompt – window.