Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC – All Time Favourites

So what am I going to do next week without the Weekly Photo Challenge – well truth is I don’t know. So you’ll have to pop by to find out. In the meantime, they ask us what is our favourite photo. It is hard to choose. So I was struck by the quote used by Tina in Travels and Trifles today:

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

Imogen Cunningham

I think for anyone who takes photos, either as a professional or just as an amateur like me, you always wonder whether the next photo will be the one. Will it be better than the last? Will it have the wow factor?

So though we say goodbye to WPC, we will not stop taking photos and enjoying the experience of capturing moments in time.
Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly

Photo Challenge: Place in the World

I am lucky to live in rural Ireland. I am surrounded by trees, fields and hedgerows.  You are more likely to see a tractor on our small single track road than a car.

While I grew up not far from where I live now, I have lived, and worked in towns and cities. But for me the countryside is my place in the world. Here I get to enjoy the things I love. Nature and open spaces. And my children get to enjoy the freedom I did as a child. That is worth so much more to me than anything a city could offer.


Unlikely – WPC

I fear that it is unlikely that we will ever solved the plastics at sea problem. If you think alone of the quantities of plastic floating in our oceans, 5.25 trillion pieces, and it is probably a fraction of the whole problem.

Mircoplastics in particular, will be very hard to eliminate from the water, and they are not just in the water, they are in soil and drinking water too. It is a sad fact, but we are gradually destroying this planet we call home.

Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

My favourite place is this place we call home – Planet Earth. But I do fear for it’s future. On the radio news this morning they were talking of:

And that is just one day of headlines – what are we doing??!!!


The way our oceans should be – crystal clear.