Writing is something I have dabbled with since childhood. Yet I never quite know where I fit in. I have tried poetry, children’s fiction and adult fiction and non-fiction (check out my other older blog at https://murtaghsmeadow.wordpress.com/). I’ve completed writing courses, met, and become friends with some amazing and gifted writers, even sent things to publishers and agents. However, with the exception of two short stories, my writing remains on my computer.

In deciding to blog, I thought it may be away of exploring my writing. I am hoping it will be a way of focusing my mind and building my confidence. My other blog deals with my other two loves – nature and gardening. I feel confident talking and writing about both those. Writing is another matter. I love it too, but when it comes to hitting the blue ‘publish’ button I hesitate. It took me a week to build up the courage to publish my first two assignments from the blogging 101 course – but I did it and so this is start of the adventure. I’d be delighted if you’d join me.





  1. You have a lovely site. I especially love your header photo on the home page. And the only thing I’d say about your hesitancy concerning your writing is keep hitting the publish button. The more you hit it, the more encouraging comments can come your way. As a creative writing teacher, I can tell you for sure that regular blogging is one of the best exercises in writing that is available today. I strongly encourage all my writing students to create a blog and work at it regularly. Blogs can often open doors to many other publishing avenues as well.

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  2. I started my blog a few years ago because I like writing too. I have been lucky enough to have had some articles published in U.K. Sailing magazines, along with my photos, although it’s hard to think of myself as a professional writer! So keep up the good work, and keep posting those posts!

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  3. Gosh… I only find this now!

    Writing is a gift… you should welcome the blessing and appreciate the contentment it can bring!
    I think I know how you feel about sharing your work – for fear of rejection or negative feedback but I often ask the question when someone has something to say about my writing.

    “Would you tell Picasso, Van Goug, Dali or Monet their art doesn’t fit into the right category? Would you question their “voice”? So, how can you question my voice?”

    People are quick to find fault when your writing does not fit what they want it to fit… it’s like everything in life – when people don’t/ won’t accept or understand that there are different ways of doing something or viewing something, then they want to reject the other options.

    I once began a creative writing course, only to very quickly realise that my assigned instructor wanted to turn me into a clone… so, how could the course teach me to be creative if what I was attempting to do was not creative, according to the instructor’s opinion.

    I strive for quality, grammatically and structurally correct. Spelling is important – I won’t try to rape the language… it is a beautiful thing. But, I’m sure you’ll agree, people speak differently so one must try and reflect that too, in the best way possible.

    Gosh, sorry… this got a tad OTT! However, it is meant as encouragement! I eventually plucked up the courage to self-publish. The rewards are there to see… in the few reviews I have received. Positive… from total strangers who took the time to read and enjoy what I managed.

    You should consider doing the same… and also enter your short stories into competitions. I’m trying to get one completed for The Moth 2019 competition. I’ve never won anything but the day will come when I can put a bubble on the cover of my already published books… “Long-listed for the XXX Award!”

    Imagine seeing “Winner of the YYY Award” on the cover of your books!


    1. Thnk you AJfor your words of encouragement. You will see I have not posted much here recently. Hard to find time to write other than blogging these days but I know I will come back to it as I have so many stories in my head!

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