Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place

A day on the Atlantic coast does it for me. Though actually any bit of sea will do, and ideally on a sunny day when I can immerse myself in the water, or at the very least have a paddle. I have been known to paddle on New Year’s day! Whether it is all the negative ions, or just the fresh salty air you come home feeling tired but refreshed.



Sometimes though you need somewhere to disappear to that is closer to home (to get to the coast I need a car). The wood is just a few steps away from my front door. It’s nothing particularly special – it’s just a plantation. But when the world seems too much it is a place to go and hide. The light is always different there; there is always something to see, a mushroom, a flower, a broken egg shell; there is usually a bird to hear; the needles and moss underfoot cushion your steps. It’s a good place for me to loose myself.



To see more happy places check out this week’s photo challenge.



  1. How true what you say. Landlocked here near Cambridge, I often think that I must get to the sea – an instinctive feel. Usually Aldeburgh, not as bracing as Holkham and certainly not as wild as your Atlantic, but still helps to do the trick. And your sojourns in the woods simply show what peace there is to be found with the senses tuned in and a deeper level of concentration. Must do more.

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